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Free Fire OB34 Advance Server - Release Date, APK Download Link, and Registration Process

Free Fire OB34 Advance Server: How to Download APK and Join the Server

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on mobile devices, with millions of players worldwide. The game is constantly updated with new features, modes, characters, weapons, and more. However, before these updates are released to the public, they are tested on a special server called the Advance Server.

The Free Fire OB34 Advance Server is the latest version of the game that will be available for a limited time for selected players. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server, including how to register, download, install, and join the server.

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What is Free Fire OB34 Advance Server?

The Free Fire OB34 Advance Server is a separate client of the game that allows players to try out the new features and changes that will be introduced in the upcoming update. The Advance Server is only available for Android devices and requires an activation code to access it.

The purpose of the Advance Server is to test the stability and performance of the new features and fix any bugs or glitches that may occur. Players who join the Advance Server can also provide feedback and suggestions to the developers and help them improve the game.

Features of Free Fire OB34 Advance Server

The Free Fire OB34 Advance Server will have several new features and changes that will make the game more exciting and fun. Here are some of the main features that you can expect to see on the Advance Server:

New character, pet, weapon, and UI changes

The Advance Server will introduce a new character with a unique ability called Sense Shockwave. This ability allows the character to create a shockwave that damages enemies within a certain range and reveals their location for a few seconds.

There will also be a new pet called Finn with a skill called Dash Splash. This skill allows the pet to create a water splash when dashing that slows down enemies within a certain radius.

A new weapon called M24 will also be added to the game. This is a sniper rifle that has high damage and accuracy but low fire rate and magazine size. It can be equipped with various attachments such as scopes, silencers, and magazines.