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Baul Sukumar's Bolbona Go Ar Kono Din from Big Problem Natok MP3 Song | Pagalworld

Bolbona Go Ar Kono Din: A Popular Bangla Folk Song

If you are a fan of Bangla folk music, you might have heard of a song called Bolbona Go Ar Kono Din (বলব ন গ আর কন দন). This song has become a viral sensation in Bangladesh and beyond, thanks to its catchy tune, heartfelt lyrics, and emotional video. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about this song, from its origin and meaning to its download options and reviews.

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Bolbona Go Ar Kono Din is a folk song sung by Baul Sukumar, a young singer from Bangladesh. The song was composed by Ankur Mahamud, who also produced the music video. The song was released on April 4, 2019, by Eagle Music, a popular music label in Bangladesh. The song was featured in a natok (drama) called Big Problem, starring Afran Nisho and Tasnia Farin, two famous actors in Bangladesh.

The song is about a lover who expresses his pain and regret after losing his beloved. He says that he will never say that he loves her again, because he has hurt her so much. He wonders why their relationship turned out so bad, and blames himself for his mistakes. He says that he has been burning in the fire of love for twelve months, and he can't forget her.

The song resonated with many people who have experienced heartbreak and betrayal in love. The song became viral on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Many people covered the song with their own versions, and some even made parodies of it. The song also received praise from critics and celebrities, who appreciated its simplicity, honesty, and emotion.

Lyrics and Translation

The lyrics of Bolbona Go Ar Kono Din are written in Bengali, which is the official language of Bangladesh. The lyrics are simple but poetic, using metaphors and imagery to convey the feelings of the singer. Here are the lyrics of the song in Bengali and English:



বলবন গ আর কনদনভলবস তুম মরবলছল গ ভলবস গআজ কন গ এমন হলএমন হল এমন হল

I will not say anymoreThat I love youYou said that you love meWhy did it become like this todayIt became like this, it became like this Continuing the article:

বলছল গ আমর সথ থকবআজ কন গ ছড় গলছড় গল ছড় গলবর মস ধর আম প্রমর আগুনপুড়য় যইতুম ক ভবন গ