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Imo Lite 2017 APK: How to Download and Install the Best Lightweight Messaging App

What is imo lite 2017 apk and why you should download it

If you are looking for a lightweight, fast, and reliable instant messaging app that can also make free and high-quality audio and video calls, then you should consider downloading imo lite 2017 apk. In this article, we will explain what imo lite 2017 apk is, what are its features and benefits, how it compares with other similar apps, and how to download and install it on your Android device.

imo lite 2017 apk

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Instant messaging apps have become an essential part of our daily communication, especially in the era of social distancing and remote work. However, not all messaging apps are created equal. Some may have too many ads, some may consume too much data or battery, some may not be secure or compatible with your device. That's why you need to choose wisely which app to use for your personal or professional needs.

What is imo lite 2017 apk

Imo lite 2017 apk is the lightweight version of the popular instant messaging app, imo. It was released in 2017 as a way to provide a faster and smoother experience for users with low-end devices or limited internet connection. It takes up only 6MB of space on your smartphone's storage and consumes less RAM than the standard version of imo. It also works well on 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks.

What are the benefits of using imo lite 2017 apk

By using imo lite 2017 apk, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • You can send messages, images, videos, and audio recordings to different versions of imo, including imo beta and the standard version.

  • You can make free international calls and group calls to non-imo users with crystal-clear audio and video quality.