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Trap Episode 07 VidCloud

"Money Trap" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of the American Neo-Western[1] television series Justified. It is the 46th overall episode of the series and was written by producer Chris Provenzano from a story by Provenzano and executive producer Elmore Leonard and directed by co-executive producer Don Kurt. It originally aired on FX on February 19, 2013.

Trap Episode 07 | VidCloud

The series is based on Elmore Leonard's stories about the character Raylan Givens, particularly "Fire in the Hole", which serves as the basis for the episode. The series follows Raylan Givens, a tough deputy U.S. Marshal enforcing his own brand of justice. The series revolves around the inhabitants and culture in the Appalachian Mountains area of eastern Kentucky, specifically Harlan County where many of the main characters grew up. In the episode, Raylan must find Jody Adair again after he kills his former acquaintance and her partner. Meanwhile, Boyd and Ava attend a swinger party to find Drew Thompson.

In January 2013, it was reported that the seventh episode of the fourth season would be titled "Money Trap", and was to be directed by co-executive producer Don Kurt and written by producer Chris Provenzano from a story by Provenzano and executive producer Elmore Leonard.[2]

"Money Trap" received positive reviews from critics. Seth Amitin of IGN gave the episode a "great" 8.3 out of 10 and wrote, "Regardless of where the season goes from here or what it focuses on, 'Money Trap' was a very good episode in the catalog of a great series."[10]

Zack Handlen of The A.V. Club gave the episode a "B" grade and wrote, "One thing you learn straight away when reviewing Justified for the first time: There are a lot of characters on this show, and nearly all of them are worth talking about, and that means tracking down names and trying to remember who did what when, and it can just be a huge pain in the ass. Worth it, though."[11] Kevin Fitzpatrick of Screen Crush wrote, "Suffice to say, it wasn't hard to figure out after season 4 premiere 'Hole in the Wall' that we'd be seeing Jody again, though 'Money Trap' seems especially self-aware as an episode designed to dance around the Drew Thompson mystery with a side-story."[12]

"Money Trap" is the seventh episode of the fourth season, and the 46th episode in the series overall. It was written by Elmore Leonard and Chris Provenzano and directed by Don Kurt. It first aired on February 19, 2013.

Unless a character on Justified is killed there's a good chance they'll be popping up again. Characters we don't see for nearly entire seasons can resurface and no one feels like a secondary character. "Money Trap" saw the return of the old sheriff, the fugitive from episode 1, and some local officials who put Boyd in his place. Even Raylan's quick draw also made an appearance! It was one of the more exciting episodes of the season so far, but it also went to some dark places. More on "Money Trap" after the jump.

Remember in the first episode when the fugitive Jody Adair was talking about how he killed a couple of heroin dealers? I totally believe him now. The man is ruthless. After choking out a guy twice his size he shoots bailbondsman Sharon Edmunds in the neck. Not only is he a stone cold killer, but Michael Gladis from Mad Men is his getaway driver. Gladis plays Kenneth, an aspiring filmmaker and cokehead who aids and abets Jody.

They made an unlikely criminal team and even though Jody doesn't survive the episode, I hope we get more of Michael Gladis. I like the idea of a coke-snorting, panty-stealing indie filmmaker in the mix. That video he made of Jody was a riot and shows immense promise. I sensed a faint influence of Robert Aldrich with the reverse credits. I look forward to seeing more of his work in the future.

Brown, B. (Host). (2021, April 26). Brené with Michael Bungay Stanier on The Advice Trap and Staying Curious Just a Little Longer. [Audio podcast episode]. In Dare to Lead with Brené Brown. Parcast Network. -with-michael-bungay-stanier-on-the-advice-trap-and-staying-curious-just-a-little-longer/

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As the exam continues Gon and Kurapika find Tonpa lying on the ground. They ask what happened, and Tonpa replies that there is a trap inside the tunnel where Leorio is. But actually, Tonpa is tricking them to fall into the trap as well.

The trailer for The Flash season 8 episode 7 shows Barry trapped in the CCPD. The show recently returned from a lengthy three-month hiatus. The current season premiered back in November and started off with the five-part Arrowverse crossover event, Armageddon, which brought together Team Flash with Black Lightning (Cress Williams), Atom (Brandon Routh), Batwoman (Javicia Leslie), Mia Queen (Katherine McNamara), and more to face off against the alien Despero (Tony Curran).

So far, Barry and Captain Kramer have had a complicated relationship on The Flash. Barry and his team loathed how she treated Frost and Caitlin, but Kramer has shown a softer side of late and formed a bond with Joe. As she and Barry appear trapped together, "Lockdown" could mark a turning point in their relationship. It looks like the episode will be full of suspense and push Barry to his limits. Though the video doesn't show Caitlin, Frost, or Chillblaine, it will be interesting to see how their outing factors into the episode.

Well, we are now down to the last couple episodes. Next Monday, I will finish with my review of Girl From No Where, and I am honestly excited because my favorite episode is among the two episodes left. So, I hope that you enjoyed this review, and I will hopefully see you guys next time!

Carisi suggests to go over to Moldovan's past cases to see what strays to pin him for copying other rapists' modus operandi. He and Tutuola visits Joey, a rapist that Moldovan collared. Joey is convicted of six rapes but only four had his DNA. Joey confessed to all six rapes as a deal with Moldovan in which he was promised to be locked near his ailing mother. Carisi brings the recorded confession from Joey to Garland. They surmise that Moldovan is a mess when drunk especially during this ongoing case and so they arrange to trap him through Rollins. However, the trap flipped over and Moldovan holds her hostage but he is immediately subdued. He attempts to shoot himself but couldn't. Ruz berates Tamin for making her feel invalidated as a detective. Barek worries that it'll be a stain on her career but both Benson and Garland convinces her otherwise.

Alex Caulder might not make it back to his teammates. Ever since his exposure to an explosion during the premiere episode, he continually experienced migraines. When Alex passes out after shooting practice with Dharma, Dharma brings him to a neurologist, Dr. Moreno (Garfield Wilson). Unfortunately, Alex heard nothing but bad news. The brain trauma he sustained could be fatal if left untreated. Because of this, he has to tell Dharma about his injury. After that, they have to get it treated as soon as possible.

As the Imoogi saga continues, this fantasy series continues to balance its various plot threads nicely, leaving the door wide open for the future episodes. In the meantime though, this was definitely one of the better episodes from this series.

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