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The Benefits of Using VA Form 21-4138 and Where to Download It

How to Download VA Form 21-4138

If you are a veteran or a beneficiary of a veteran who wants to submit a statement in support of your claim for VA benefits, you may need to use VA Form 21-4138. This form is also known as a Statement in Support of Claim, and it allows you to provide additional information or evidence that may help your case. In this article, we will explain what VA Form 21-4138 is, when to use it, how to get it, how to fill it out, and how to submit it.

What is VA Form 21-4138?

VA Form 21-4138 is a simple form that lets you write a statement in your own words to support your claim for VA benefits. You can use this form to submit a VA buddy statement, which is a statement from someone who has firsthand knowledge of your service-related condition or disability, or any other statement that you think will help your claim.

download va form 21-4138

Purpose of the form

The purpose of VA Form 21-4138 is to provide additional information or evidence that may not be available in your service records, medical records, or other documents. For example, you can use this form to explain how your condition affects your daily life, how it relates to your military service, or how it has worsened over time. You can also use this form to provide details about an event or incident that caused or aggravated your condition, such as combat exposure, sexual assault, or injury.

When to use the form

You can use VA Form 21-4138 at any stage of your claim process, whether you are applying for the first time, requesting an increase in your disability rating, appealing a decision, or reopening a previously denied claim. However, you should only use this form if you have relevant and credible information that is not already in your file. You should also make sure that your statement is clear, concise, and consistent with the rest of your evidence.

How to get VA Form 21-4138?

There are several ways to get VA Form 21-4138. You can get it online, by mail, or by phone.


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