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What is Over/Under betting on goals? 04 Most accurate betting tips

Over/Under betting on goals, also known as Over/Under or Total Goals betting, is a type of wager where players simply choose between the Over or Under option without concerning themselves with the actual outcome of the match.

Over/Under betting on goals is widely available across major bookmakers. Learn more over 1.5 football tips about this intriguing type of betting in the following article.

What is Over/Under betting on goals?

Over/Under betting on goals, or Over/Under betting, is commonly applied by most professional bookmakers. The odds for each match are based on the number of goals scored within the 90 minutes of play, plus any added injury or stoppage time.

Instead of predicting the outcome of the match, those placing Over/Under bets must forecast whether the total number of goals in the match will be higher or lower than a specific threshold. This corresponds to the Over or Under option.

If the actual number of goals is below the specified threshold, those who bet Under win. Conversely, if it's above, victory goes to those who bet Over.

Some of the most common Over/Under odds

In Over/Under betting, the strength or weakness of the teams involved is not crucial. What matters most is the total number of goals scored in each match. Over/Under betting on goals typically comes in various forms, categorized by specific thresholds. These include:

Over/Under 0.5 goals

What is Over/Under 0.75 goals

Over/Under 1 goal

Over/Under 1/1.5 goals

Over/Under 1.5 goals

Over/Under 1.5/2 goals

Over/Under 2 goals

Over/Under 2/2.5 goals

Over/Under 2.5 goals

Over/Under 2.5/3 goals

Over/Under 3 goals

Over/Under 3/3.25 goals

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04 Tips for Playing Over/Under Goal Betting

Experience in over/under goal betting needs to be accumulated over time. When choosing between over and under bets, careful consideration is required.

#1. Betting Over Goals

According to a portion of professional bettors, they often play in an over style. In this method, players will focus solely on betting over until they break even or make a profit. Below are some matches that players may consider implementing the over betting strategy:

Both teams tend to attack with weak defenses.

One of the teams is in a position where they must win to secure 3 points.

The strength of both teams is balanced, and they play aggressively.

Both teams are not significantly different in terms of strength.

#2. Betting Under Goals

With this style of play, players focus on betting under until they break even or make a profit. However, not every match is suitable for consecutive under betting.

According to professional bettors, players can place bets at the beginning of the second half or when the first goal appears. Matches suitable for implementing the under betting strategy often have the following characteristics:

Both teams participating in the match are not overly eager to win.

One of the teams scores a goal in the first half.

There is low competitive spirit between the two teams, and the match is more of a formality.

#3. Selecting and Following Leagues

There are numerous football leagues worldwide. However, players should not be greedy and choose too many leagues at once. Instead, focus on the league that is most regularly followed on Wintips.

#4. Updating the Relationship Between Teams

In addition to selecting suitable leagues, players must also spend time updating the relationship between the two teams. Even though they may not care about which team wins or loses, the form of both teams will greatly influence the number of goals scored in the match.


The above article has analyzed some key information betting tips best sites about over/under goal betting. Generally, the insights provided in the summary section are for reference only. During participation, players should exercise careful consideration and allocate capital wisely.


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