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Download Songs of Conquest and Build Your Kingdom from Scratch

Songs of Conquest Download: How to Get the Game and Play It Now

If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games, you might have heard of Songs of Conquest, a game that is inspired by 90s classics such as Heroes of Might and Magic III. The game was released in early access on May 10, 2022, and has received very positive reviews from players and critics alike. But how can you download Songs of Conquest and play it right now? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this game, from what it is, how to get it, and how to play it. Let's dive in!

songs of conquest download

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What is Songs of Conquest?

Songs of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game developed by Lavapotion and published by Coffee Stain Publishing. The game is set in a fantasy world called Esshar, where four factions vie for power and glory. You play as a Wielder, a powerful magician who can control armies and cast spells. Your goal is to explore the world, conquer lands, build your empire, and find ancient artifacts.

A turn-based strategy game inspired by 90s classics

If you have played games like Heroes of Might and Magic III or King's Bounty, you will feel right at home with Songs of Conquest. The game follows a similar formula: you control a hero who can recruit units from different towns, move around the map, fight enemies, collect resources, and upgrade your skills. The battles are turn-based and take place on a hexagonal grid. You can use various tactics and strategies to defeat your foes, such as flanking, positioning, morale, terrain, spells, and more.

A game with four factions, two campaigns, and a map editor

Songs of Conquest features four playable factions: the Arleon Kingdom, the Lothian Empire, the Rana Tribes, and the Undead Horde. Each faction has its own unique units, buildings, abilities, and lore. You can choose to play as any faction in the skirmish mode or follow their stories in the campaign mode. The game currently has two campaigns: one for the Arleon Kingdom and one for the Lothian Empire. Each campaign has several missions that will challenge your skills and immerse you in the world of Esshar. The game also has a map editor that allows you to create your own custom maps and scenarios.

A game with beautiful pixel art, music, and lore

One of the most striking aspects of Songs of Conquest is its gorgeous pixel art style. The game has a retro aesthetic that pays homage to the 90s classics but also adds modern touches and details. The animations are smooth and fluid, the colors are vibrant and varied, and the environments are rich and diverse. The game also has an amazing soundtrack composed by David Fesliyan that perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere of each faction and location. The game also has a deep lore that is revealed through dialogues, quests, books, and artifacts. You can learn more about the history, culture, politics, religion, and legends of Esshar as you play.

How to download Songs of Conquest?How to download Songs of Conquest?

If you are interested in playing Songs of Conquest, you will need to download it from Steam, the popular digital distribution platform. The game is currently in early access, which means that it is not fully finished and may have bugs, glitches, and missing features. However, the developers are constantly updating and improving the game based on the feedback from the players. Here are the steps to download Songs of Conquest:

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The game is available on Steam Early Access

To download Songs of Conquest, you will need to have a Steam account and the Steam client installed on your computer. If you don't have them, you can create an account and download the client for free from the Steam website. Once you have them, you can search for Songs of Conquest on the Steam store or click on this link to go directly to the game's page. You will see a green button that says "Add to Cart". Click on it and follow the instructions to purchase the game.

The game costs $29.99 USD and requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM and 2 GB storage space

Songs of Conquest is not a free game. You will need to pay $29.99 USD (or equivalent in your local currency) to buy it. This is a one-time payment that will give you access to the game and all its future updates and expansions. The game also has some minimum system requirements that you need to meet in order to run it smoothly. According to the Steam page, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM and 2 GB of available storage space on your computer. You will also need a graphics card that supports OpenGL 3.3 or higher.

The game supports Windows and macOS platforms

Songs of Conquest is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems. However, you will need to have specific versions of them in order to play the game. For Windows, you will need Windows 7 or later. For macOS, you will need macOS 10.13 or later. The game does not support Linux or other platforms at the moment.

How to play Songs of Conquest?

Once you have downloaded Songs of Conquest, you can launch it from your Steam library or from your desktop shortcut. You will see a main menu with several options: Play, Tutorial, Options, Credits, and Quit. If this is your first time playing the game, we recommend that you start with the Tutorial mode, which will teach you the basics of the game.

The game has a tutorial mode that teaches the basics of the game

The tutorial mode is a short and simple introduction to Songs of Conquest. It will guide you through the main aspects of the game, such as how to move your hero, how to recruit units, how to fight battles, how to use spells, how to manage your resources, and how to build your empire. The tutorial mode is divided into several chapters, each focusing on a different topic. You can skip or replay any chapter as you wish. The tutorial mode is optional but highly recommended for beginners.

The game has two modes: campaign and skirmish

After completing the tutorial mode, you can choose between two modes: campaign and skirmish. The campaign mode is where you follow the story of your chosen faction and complete various missions and objectives. The campaign mode is linear and scripted, meaning that you have to follow a certain order and path. The campaign mode is also where you can learn more about the lore and history of Esshar. The skirmish mode is where you can create your own custom games and scenarios. The skirmish mode is sandbox and flexible, meaning that you can choose any faction, map, difficulty, and settings. The skirmish mode is also where you can play with or against other players online or offline.

The game has four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and impossible

Songs of Conquest allows you to adjust the difficulty level of the game according to your preference and skill level. You can choose between four difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard, and impossible. Each difficulty level affects various aspects of the game, such as how smart and aggressive the enemy AI is, how much resources and units they have, how fast they grow and expand their empire, how often they attack you, and how much damage they deal and receive in battles. You can change the difficulty level at any time during the game.

Tips and tricks for playing Songs of Conquest

Songs of Conquest is a complex and challenging game that requires strategy, planning, and creativity. To help you get started and improve you


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