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Canopying __HOT__

Rio Claro is located in Antioquia department in central Colombia and, approximately four hours from Medellin and roughly five hours from Bogota, provides a great place to escape from city life, while still offering the excitement and adrenaline-pumping fun of canopying.


Travelers come to Colombia from around the world to trek in the Andes mountains, enjoy tropical beaches, and discover deserts and grasslands. If you offer travel services, tours, or backpacking trips and equipment, a domain is for you. Colombians love sports, and a domain is great for domestic and foreign enterprises that cater to cycling, mountain biking, canopying, paragliding, rafting and fishing to name a few favorites.

One of a number of ironic aspects of the work - one might be tempted to call them ``ironic columns'' - was that between them, on the floor, instead of a ceremonial red carpet, ran ancient street-car tracks. And at the far end of the columns is no dais adorned for a civic banquet, or gigantic curtains canopying a throne of office. Just little more than a blank wall.

What kinds of concerns? The first time I saw bison, under infinite Wyoming skies canopying mile after mile of dizzying openness in Yellowstone National Park, my husband, daughter, and I watched as a male grunted and nosed a female's hindquarters. It was rutting season, and keen mate guarding was the order of the day. Bison tensions run high during the rut, but close bonds were also evident. Youngsters galumphed along on still-clumsy legs, enjoying a romp, only to rush back to their mothers for milk and comfort. 041b061a72


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