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Easton Price
Easton Price

Buy Marc Jacobs Bang [REPACK]

"Once I agreed to be the model, I couldn't see what I would wear to express this. We tried it with clothes, but it didn't work. Then Juergen [Teller, who shot the campaign] had the idea for the silver Mylar, and it all came together. The silver Mylar also gives it that flash, that bang," Jacobs told WWD. He lies on a Mylar bed in the photo.

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It was the end of the affair of New York Fashion Week, which of course promised to go out with a bang. Or you know, with some Beats by Dre. From art-inspired summer furs at J. Mendel to a very chic onesie at Ralph Lauren, here are the highlights from the last day of the New York City spring 2015 shows. 041b061a72


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