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Reddit Reveals How to Download Google Drive Files that Have Exceeded the Quota

How to Bypass Google Drive Download Quota Limit

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage services that allows you to store and share files online. However, if you use Google Drive frequently, you may encounter a problem called "download quota exceeded". This means that the file you are trying to download has reached its daily limit of downloads and you have to wait for 24 hours before you can download it again. This can be very frustrating, especially if you need the file urgently or if it is a large file that takes a long time to download.

In this article, we will explain what is Google Drive download quota limit, why does Google impose this limit, how to check if a file has exceeded the quota, and how to bypass Google Drive download quota limit using two methods.

download quota exceeded google drive reddit

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What is Google Drive Download Quota Limit?

Google Drive download quota limit is a restriction that Google applies to some files that are stored on its servers. It prevents users from downloading the same file multiple times in a short period of time. The exact number of downloads allowed per file per day is not disclosed by Google, but some users have reported that it is around 100 downloads or 10 TB of bandwidth. Once a file reaches its download quota limit, it will display a message saying "Download quota exceeded for this file, so you can't download it at this time".

Why does Google impose this limit?

Google imposes this limit to prevent abuse and misuse of its service. By limiting the number of downloads per file, Google aims to reduce the load on its servers, save bandwidth, and protect the files from unauthorized distribution. For example, if someone uploads a pirated movie or software to Google Drive and shares it with many people, Google can prevent them from downloading it by applying the download quota limit. This way, Google can also avoid legal issues and comply with copyright laws.

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