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Tostitos Black Bean Chips Where To Buy

Bean chips are chips prepared using beans as a primary ingredient.[1] Bean chips have been described as being higher in fiber and protein compared to corn and potato chips.[1] Bean chips may be prepared from a variety of bean types and rice, such as brown rice,[2] pinto beans, black beans,[3] and white beans.[4] Some bean chips are prepared using green beans.[5] They may be prepared from a bean dough that is steamed, sliced and fried. They may be consumed as a snack food, and may be accompanied with various dips.[1][6]

tostitos black bean chips where to buy

Bean chips may be deep-fried[7] or baked,[8] and may be seasoned.[7] A method of preparation uses dehulled, soaked beans that are blended with vegetable oil, salt and a thickening agent.[9] Using this method, the mixture is formed into a dough which is then steamed, after which the dough is sliced and the pieces are fried.[9]

Green bean chips may be prepared mixed with olive oil and seasonings, which is placed on a baking pan and baked until they are crisp.[5] They may be prepared by freeze-drying green beans that are then vacuum-fried.[10] Per a one-ounce (30 g) serving, green bean chips contain 130 calories, 4.5 g fat and 5 g fiber.[10]

Some companies in the United States mass-produce bean chips for consumer purchase, in a variety of flavours, with brands including Beanfields Bean Chips,[2] The Good Bean, Inc. and Beanitos.[3][11][12] Bean chips produced by The Good Bean, Inc. are prepared with beans, sweet potato and quinoa.[11]

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