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Beat Saber is a virtual reality rhythm game developed and published by Czech game developer Beat Games. It takes place in a surrealistic neon environment and features the player slicing blocks representing musical beats with a pair of contrasting-colored sabers. Following an early access release in November 2018, the game was officially released for PlayStation 4 and Windows on May 21, 2019, and supports most virtual reality headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and Quest Pro, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index. The game is also scheduled to become available on the PlayStation 5 with PlayStation VR2 support.[1]


The player uses VR motion controllers to wield a pair of glowing sabers, which by default are colored red and blue for left and right respectively. In each song, the game presents the player with a stream of approaching blocks laid out in sync with the song's beats and notes, located in one of the 12 possible positions of a 4x3 grid. Each one may also be marked with an arrow indicating one of eight possible directions in which the block may be required to be cut through. There are also blocks with dots instead of arrows, which players may hit in any direction. When a block is properly cut by a saber, it is destroyed and a score is awarded, based on the length and angle of the swing and the accuracy of the cut.

Since the addition of Original Soundtrack (OST) 5, two new mechanics were introduced to the game. One new mechanic features a new block called a Chain, which starts with a "slice" which indicates which direction to cut. After the lead slice, there are a number of smaller "slices" which can be cut. The other new mechanic is the arc. An arc is a line showing the recommended path for your saber to follow. It is connected to a block and continues on until it either connects to another block or stops altogether. Both of these new mechanics also calculate score differently than the original blocks.[3]

Beat Saber has grown a strong following since its debut, and users have created numerous mods to enhance the game.[citation needed] Also, a number of websites have surfaced, where users distribute beat maps they created themselves, some of them even allowing for this content to be sideloaded onto the Oculus Quest.[citation needed] There are even sites that allow for AI-generated maps automatically, like bsmapper or beatsage.

"Beat Saber" is one of the most popular VR games. In the game, players swing virtual sabers at incoming blocks in sync with music, akin to that of the popular "Guitar Hero" series of the 2000s. The game is available on the Oculus Store for $29.99. The company said Beat Games will continue to support "Beat Saber" across all currently-supported game platforms.

For many virtual-reality evangelists, one of the first games you mention when you're recommending titles for VR newcomers is Beat Saber. The title, which is available on PlayStation VR, Oculus platforms, and Vive, delivers fast-paced, rhythm-based action centered around swinging two lightsabers to the beat of the song you've selected. It's an approachable title that has become a tentpole experience for all of virtual reality. Facebook, the parent company of Rift and Quest company Oculus, today announced its acquisition of Beat Games, the studio behind the VR hit.

Beat Saber is a VR game where players swing sabers along to the beat of a specific song. With alternating blue and red colors, the game is very visually striking and brings a lot of spectators to it when played in a public place. Toss a Coin to Your Witcher is the main promotional song for the new The Witcher series on Netflix and is performed in the show by Jaskier at the end of the second episode "Four Marks." He uses the song to explain his misadventures with Geralt of Rivia, but in true Bard fashion, he embellished the story a little. It is important to note that in the show, Jaskier keeps the original Polish name while in the games and the English translations of the books he is called Dandelion.

@Glassneedles First off... 360 Mode?!?!?! I'm slacking on keeping up with what that is and now I must find out more! Next, they could do the control of the sabers fairly simply, using a relational space pointer setup akin to world of goo for switch. I agree that the translation of it outside of vr would deteriorate the experience though. That game is made entirely for vr, but there are a few games that are VR games that made the transition to switch and work really well. Honestly, it is up to the talent of the developer as to whether or not they could make their game transition from vr to switch.

Beat Saber is described as a light-saber-endowed spin on the game Dance Dance Revolution. It is regarded as one of the more accessible titles to be produced during the VR era and is available on multiple platforms in addition to Oculus.

The sounds of Rocket League are best when they're blasting in a soccar arena. That's why a Champions Field-inspired Map has come to Beat Saber! Slash your way through beats in this brand new, custom made Rocket League-inspired environment!

Rocket League has cued up two new customization items (a Topper and Boost) featuring the beat blocks from Beat Saber. Just log into Rocket League now to get them as a celebration for our sick beats being part of the VR smash hit!

On an Oculus Quest 2 headset, when starting up Beat Saber you will be met with many warning screens and the main menu. The Main Menu has 4 options, "Solo, Online, Campaign, Party Mode". In Solo mode, you can pick any song with any difficulty on any mode. In Online Mode, you can play with up to 5 people in a random lobby or with friends where you play songs to determine the winner. In Campaign Mode, you play different songs on different difficulties to get to the next songs. Sometimes the songs have special requirements, to go to the next level. In Party Mode, you can play with people in the same room as you. The goal is to try and beat the high score by making different rankings on the local leaderboard. Beat Saber comes with 5 music packs for free, you can buy other music packs as well such as the Interscope Mixtape or BTS Music Pack. They can not be found in Campaign mode. The goal of Beat Saber is to slash blocks in time with the beat to earn a good score. While in a song, you may see obstacles that you have to pass through such as walls or spikes.

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash cubes as they float towards you in time to the music. Although the concept is pretty simple it can take a while to master the game and beat those higher levels.

Beat Saber is really easy to play. Hit the right color notes with the right colored saber as they fly towards you. You will be provided with some haptic feedback on the controllers when you hit them correctly.

There is a definite dancey flow to the songs. You should try and find the rhythm and patterns that will definitely pop up and repeat through the song. Once you find the beat, everything should flow into place and you can slash those blocks!

I also fully recommend using practice mode. This allows you to fast forward to a part of the song you are having trouble with and then slow the song right down. Doing this a few times over and over will allow you to get the flow of that part of the song, memorize it and then ultimately beat it.

Once you modify your Beat Saber client, you will no longer be able to play multiplayer or compare your scores to the official Beat Saber leader boards. (Sometimes there is a mod that allows this, but it frequently is patched by the developers) You may also frequently receive a pop-up from beat saber to tell you that the client has been modified when you start. The developers do not want you modding Beat Saber. 041b061a72


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