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Buy Mini Portable Washing Machine

Even if you do have communal laundry, a portable washer can offer a much more personal and reliable option: You don't have to wait for the machines to be free, or acquire a giant bag of quarters, or worry about someone taking your wet laundry out and dropping it onto a dirty counter. They're also popular in the RV and boating communities, and can be a good option for tiny houses or apartments, and some dorm rooms.

buy mini portable washing machine


After much research, I purchased the Magic Chef 0.9 cu ft Compact Washer, which has a footprint of about 21 square inches. It was among the most compact washing machines I saw on the market. In the seven or eight months I've been using it, this machine has always operated smoothly, is simple to set up each time, and leaves my clothes feeling and smelling fresh. It also hasn't run up my electricity bill at all.

Every portable washer is a little different, but all operate on the same premise: an inlet hose that connects to your sink tap to fill the machine with water and an outflow hose to drain. When you set up your washing machine, you'll follow manufacturer instructions to connect the hoses to the body of your machine. You'll need a wrench to make sure the hoses are connected tightly to the unit.

If the nozzle included with your machine doesn't fit your sink tap, you can purchase a pack of adapters from Amazon and see what works. A good fit means minimal leaking from the area around the nozzle (minor leaks can be okay). Once the nozzle is installed, push the hose with the quick release onto the nozzle and turn the water on.

The first load of laundry I did with my portable washer, I sat next to the machine and turned the water tap on and off every time it switched from filling to agitating. This is not the right thing to do. Leave the tap running the entire cycle. Depending on what you're washing you can either set the tap to cold or hot water. I prefer cold water because it's easier and makes colors less likely to run, but you may wish to use hot water for undergarments, sheets, and towels.

To minimize any excess spilling, I store the ends of the hoses inside my washer when not in use. Even though the portable washer has a small footprint, it is deceptively heavy. This appliance dolly by Spacecare makes moving your portable washer around much, much easier. Plus, it only adds a few inches to the machine's footprint, so you can still store the washer in a small closet or corner of a room.

For a fraction of the cost of other portable washing machines, you can buy this portable model from Danby that has many of the features you might find in those more expensive models. This washer has five wash cycles, a stainless steel drum and an automatic load-balancing function that keeps garments from moving to one side of the drum during a cycle. All of the cycles are highly customizable, allowing users to select the duration of rinse and spin cycles and the water level in the machine. Because of its light weight, it is likely the best model for users who plan to move their portable washer often.

In addition to keeping the size and weight of a portable washing machine in mind when shopping for a model for your RV, another important thing to keep in mind is water and energy consumption given the limited supply on the road. This model from Avanti allows you to control the amount of water that goes in by selecting a small, medium or large load size and offers the best combination we found of large capacity and low electricity use per year.

Before the pandemic hit, I never knew portable washers existed. Then my good friend caught COVID-19, and she suspects it was at a New York laundromat. When I panicked and researched alternatives to laundromats, I discovered the wide world of portable washing machines.

These compact machines weigh an average of under 20 pounds and use a sink hook-up or buckets of water to wash and rinse clothes. Portable washing machines are small enough to store in a closet or corner when not in use. They come in electric and manual models and can really save you money, space, water, and electricity in the long run.

According to sustainability and conservation expert Heather White, the things to look for when choosing the most sustainable portable washing machines are drain functionality and temperature control: "Portable washers are good, sustainable options for smaller apartments and for individuals or couples who don't do that much laundry," she says. "Seventy percent of electricity in normal washers comes from the water setting. A cold wash obviously uses less electricity than hot."

Make sure to also pay attention to the water hose, see if the nozzle will fit your sink, and check if the machine has noise control. I also recommend looking at the size of the washing drum and how many clothes it can hold. The larger the drum, the fewer washes you will need to do.

Industrialized machines drain a lot of water and energy, so if you only need to do a few washes a week for one or two people, a portable washer is often the greener (and more affordable) choice. Though these machines require a bit more effort on your end, they tend to work just as well.

Those who loved this portable washing machine listed its maneuverability, low noise level, and efficiency as their favorite qualities. Those who were unsatisfied with their purchase said that its parts broke easily.

Most portable washing machines have washing and spinning functions. The washing function cleans your clothes much like a standard washer. The spinning function removes most of the water from your clothes to speed up the air-drying process. Some washing machines have one tank for washing and spinning, while others have separate tanks to allow you to wash and dry loads at the same time.

Portable washing machines with separate washing and spinning tanks will give you separate capacities for each tank as well as an overall capacity. The spinning capacity is usually around five to 10 pounds, while the washing capacity is slightly larger at around 10-15 pounds. Consider the amount of clothing you plan to wash each load, as this will help you determine how large of a capacity you need. Customers with large families should opt for a machine that has a washing capacity of at least 10 pounds.

Apart from the ease of movability, portable washing machines are useful for people not having enough space to accommodate a full-size washing machine. There are a few things you should know before buying a portable washing machine. It is better to look for a lightweight model that also includes wheels for easy maneuvering in the house.

Over time, every washing machine requires a deep cleaning. Soap residues and mold starts building up inside the machine, making it look dirtier and smell bad. It is recommended to clean your portable washing machines once every 2-3months.

A standard portable washing machine costs around $100, which is lower than a standard washing machine. Furthermore, you can find a number of modern technology-driven models by stretching your budget a little.

This portable washing machine is a perfect solution if you want to do laundry in a compact environment. The washer tub accommodates up to 8 lbs of load and the spin tub can handle about 5 lbs of load, allowing you to wash five to six shirts at a time. The machine has water intake valves that can be attached to the faucet.

Designed for small loads and limited-space areas, the Della portable washing is equipped with a variety of convenience features, including an electrical drain pump, timer controls, and clear lid. You can adjust the wash and spin time with the built-in timer. From towels and pants to a bed sheet, it can wash all types of clothes. It has a wash capacity of up to 9 lbs and spin capacity of about 4.4 lbs.

While the world of washers may seem vast and confusing if you're not immersed in it, in reality a lot of your choices are made for you before you even start researching. Let's go over some of the pros and cons of portable washing machines to see if they're right for you. Chances are, it'll be a pretty clear choice.

The price may seem steep for a portable washing machine, but this Amazon best-seller from Giantex also has a spin dry feature. It can hold up to 7.7 pounds of laundry at a time and is great for both home and camping use because of its long hose. It comes in three fun colors and includes an imbalance adjustment function that, quite frankly, all washers should come with.

Weighing in at under 6 lbs., pound for pound this hand crank washing machine has a much larger capacity than anything else on the market, when you consider electric washers can weigh up to 50 lbs. and take up much more space.

Instead of connecting to a dedicated water inlet and drain, a portable washer fills via a temporary hookup to a faucet, showerhead, or hose. When the cycle is finished, the wash water drains into a bathtub, basin, or floor drain. Although some cheap units require manual fill and drain, a quality apartment washer runs a full cycle of soaking, agitating, and spinning dry a small load of clothing. Portable washing machines work well for many apartments, RVs, and tiny homes.

Cleaning a portable washer is not much different from cleaning a standard washing machine. From time to time, it may be helpful to run a load with a cup of hydrogen peroxide added (caution- this may whiten clothes). The hydrogen peroxide gently cleanses the drum and hoses without being too harsh on delicate parts.

I wish I could help! So much depends on the individual plumbing of your home, which I'm not able to advise on. Personally, I had nothing but problems with my portable washing machines until I got a name brand. 041b061a72


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