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Longstanding recipes, centuries of experience and exquisite ingredients are the foundation for truly royal Christstollen. Our Kreutzkamm Stollen are a sensual experience during the festive Christmas season. Stollen baking has a long tradition in the Conditorei Kreutzkamm confectionery and date back as far as the beginning of the 19th century. As a former royal Saxon court purveyor and court confectioner, our Christstollen has been produced by master craftsmen for generations according to the original recipe of the Dresden Kreutzkamm family.

buy stollen online

As learned in Dresden 196 years ago, every single Kreutzkamm Stollen is handmade. Only the finest, exquisite ingredients are rigorously tested for taste and quality every year and then carefully processed into a fragrant, smooth dough. Our recipes for stollen stand for handmade quality and have therefore been passed on almost unchanged for generations. Time is a precious commodity. We give our Christstollen a lot of time to unfold their full aroma, which makes them particularly noble in taste. Stollen of the Conditorei Kreutzkamm are full-bodied and aromatic due to their elaborate production. We do not use any artificial additives or aromas in our Christmas Stollen because tradition and exquisite taste are important in our philosophie. Our confectioners and bakers do an excellent job and carry out their profession with passion. Each baker lifts hundreds of kilos of stollen a day, as the dough is kneaded, rolled and shaped several times by hand. The quality of the ingredients, the professionalism of our bakers and confectioners as well as the attention to detail create the difference in the taste of the Kreutzkamm Christstollen.

In addition to the masterfully manufactured Christstollen, we also offer you other types of Stollen. For example, you can opt for our original Kreutzkamm raisin stollen. Raisin stollen is sweet and juicy. In the Conditorei Kreutzkamm we brush it twice with pure concentrated butter after baking, then it is turned in granulated sugar and sprinkled with icing sugar. This makes our raisin stollen a true fulfillment for the taste buds! Also extremely popular is our traditionally produced marzipan stollen. In addition to the sweet raisins, the marzipan stollen is filled with an extra strand of the finest marzipan, which keeps it fresh and juicy. Give our Kreutzkamm Marzipanstollen as a gift to friends or business partners, we deliver it packed in a carton box and in a tin. Since raisins are not to everyone's taste, you can also opt for our Kreutzkamm almond stollen as an ideal alternative for the raisin stollen. Like all our Christmas stollen it is handmade according to the old Dresden family recipe and contains delicious, sweet Mediterranean almonds and finest marzipan kneeded in the dough. Enjoy our almond stollen, lovingly wrapped in a carton box or a tin and like all our products without preservatives!

Are you looking for a bit of variety? Then we recommend our delicious poppy seed stollen to you! This is slightly less sweet than the classic Christstollen and convinces you with its pleasantly bitter note. Feel free to try our poppy seed stollen as another high-quality Stollen variety for Christmas! The rich filling is just as suitable for feasting at the coffee table. Surprise your loved ones at home with our poppy seed stollen!

In our online shop you will find Kreutzkamm Stollen according to your preferences. You love tradition and prefer to enjoy Stollen in its purest form, then our original Kreutzkamm raisin stollen according to our Dresden family recipe is the best choice. Fragrant and also very popular are our Kreutzkamm poppy, almond and marzipan stollen, which are also an excellent culinary delights for your festive table. Our high-quality confectionery specialties are small gifts with a big effect. Show your loved ones with real confectionery art that they are something very special and sweeten yourself and your family the holidays with our Christstollen. Christstollen from Conditorei Kreutzkamm were already sent worldwide from Dresden around 1900. At that time, the plumber came every evening to the house at the Old Market in Dresden to solder the original Kreutzkamm Christstollen into tin boxes so that they survived the journey into the world unscathed. Today we ship the Christstollen for you with DHL and DHL Express worldwide. Choose between our packaging variants and sizes your preferred Kreutzkamm Christstollen. If you are interested in more handmade pastries for Christmas, we also recommend our gingerbread, Christmas chocolates and Christmas biscuits! We wish you a delicious and contemplative Christmas season with our Christstollen.

In addition to the Nuremberg gingerbread, the biscuits and the fruit bread, the Christmas stollen is certainly a very popular Christmas cake. But what exactly is a stollen and how did the world-famous Dresden Christstollen come about, which you can both order cheaply from us?