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These article give you basic information about technique as a means to link eastern and western medicine based on using combination of EAV (Electro-Acupuncture According to Dr. Voll) and gemmotherapy, a special form of phytotherapy. Experience with this method continues to grow steadily and some very interesting results are already available today. Based on the results of treatment achieved in our practice so far (17.000 examinations during 10 years), we are convinced that EAV and gemmotherapy will become, and in fact has already become, a successful natural treatment method for the 21st century.



An official branch of phytotherapy, gemmotherapy or "tree bud medicine" is based on the use of the natural properties of growing plants, such as buds or young shoots, genuine sources of vital energy given their high level of active ingredients, in order to help support the organism naturally and lastingly. In line with our commitment to offer 100% natural and organic products, our Florihana brand uses handpicked buds selected from sites inspected by Ecocert, as well as vegetable glycerin and organic alcohol for the manufacturing process.

Gemmotherapy liquid remedies come in 1X potency,and are bottled in 1 oz.(30 ml) and 2 oz.(60 ml) and 4 oz (120ml) amber glass bottles with dropper tops. Many of the gemmotherapy remedies are now also available in combinations

This treatise shows the many similarities between a tree and a human being: embryologic, symbolic and energetic but also physiologic and therapeutic. It summarizes the known medicinal properties of each bud. To do this, a computerized compilation of all the properties mentioned in literature was undertaken based on the reference publications in gemmotherapy.

This computerized tool allows to theoretically associate several buds to determine the most effective combination for the organism. This opens perspectives for the development of integrated gemmotherapy: the combination of different bud extracts with each other, with nutrients and with various extracts.

HELPAC adheres to the production protocol specified by the French Food Supplements Union (SYNADIET), and provides particularly concentrated and powerful gemmotherapy products: buds are selected at optimum maturity, slow maceration in a mixture of water, organic wheat alcohol (96% vol.) and organic soy glycerine (GMO-free).

We have a range of organic gemmotherapy in small bottles of 15ml. This therapy uses the bud that contains great powers for health. The preparation macerates in water, alcohol and glycerine to extract the active ingrédients of the bud. This product can be used as a-3 months treatment using 5-10 drops diluted with water per day.

These are herbal extractions from the Buds, Shoots, Bark, Rootlets, or Sap of young medicinal plant structures. Various preparations are available. Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic method which uses plant bud extracts and other embryonic vegetal tissues, freshly harvested from the growing plant. The raw material is prepared by maceration in a mix of water, glycerin, and alcohol. Usually, a gemmotherapy preparations are used on the recommendation of a health care practitioner.

Fast-forward 3 years, and the same series of events occurred, this time in Colepardo, a small Italian hill-town in Lazio. It was spring again, the female cottonwood trees were sending out their cotton, and my allergy symptoms were full-blown. Since I happened to be in the town where Sarandrea gemmotherapy remedies are manufactured, this time it was the gemmo remedy of Ribes nigrum that I reached for. To my relief, the symptoms again abated as I continued to take this remedy several times a day.

As allergy season is upon us, first with the blooming of the trees of spring, then the grasses and weeds of summer and fall, consider adding gemmotherapy to your naturopathic toolbox. Not only does it promise symptom relief for your patients, but the potential for desensitization and regeneration are locked into each bottle of these embryonic plant extracts.

Preliminary research on using plant buds therapeutically was begun by Dr. Pol Henry in the 1950s. After extensive clinical research on immature plant materials, Max Tetau, MD, introduced the gemmotherapy technique in 1971. The main principle behind this technique is drainage and detoxification of the organism at the cellular level so the body can truly heal itself.

In gemmotherapy, the buds or young shoots of immature plants are macerated and extracted with glycerin for 21 days, then made into a 1X potency. These extracts are high in growth factors, which contain phyto-hormones called auxins and gibberellins. These active ingredients are present in the buds of plants, but begin to disappear as the plant matures. Auxins have a fetal hormonal action, while gibberellins stimulate RNA and protein synthesis.

There are 60 plants utilized in the system of gemmotherapy I use from Boiron.* Each of these plant extracts has very specific actions on any living organism. After evaluating each patient individually and assessing where his toxic state is present, I select one to eight gemmotherapies and have the animal parent administer them one to four times per day depending on their particular needs and responses to treatment.

*Boiron gemmotherapy remedies are marketed for human use, which means their product labels show human dosages only. Drawing on his own experience, Dr. Blake has adjusted these dosages for dogs and cats. To learn more about gemmotherapy and related products, visit Dr. Blake has also written a book called Gemmotherapy For Our Animal Friends, available through Amazon.

The aim of this study was to identify and to assay some therapeutic active principles, both in the foliar buds of hazelnut, Corylus avellana L., and in the hydroglyceroalcoholic extracts, successfully used in gemmotherapy. The microelements have been analyzed using atomic absorption spectrometry, carotenoids and total polyphenols using spectrophotometry, specific polyphenols using HPLC. There were identified free amino acids, growing hormones and free triterpenic acids using TLC, total nitrogen using Kejldhal method, and haemolytic saponines on the base of haemolytic index, according to Romanian Pharmacopeia, Xth edition. The following results were found: high concentration of iron (108 mg/kg) and zinc (0.733 mg/kg); total chlorophyll 28 mg/100 g; total carotenoids 6.40 mg/100 g; total polyphenols 548 mg/100g, total nitrogen 2.28%. We identified free amino acids (arginine, alanine, phenylalanine, proline) and also vegetal growing hormones (auxin, cytokinine and gibberellin). The concentration of haemolytic saponines was around 0.2%. This study demonstrated that the foliar buds of hazelnut have a complex chemical composition, which explains their increased phytotherapeutic potential

Needham doesn\u2019t appear to have her own website, but, like any good guru momfluencer, she makes up for lack of background transparency by selling a slew of stuff via her Linktree. She earns commission from her Amazon store, where she recommends cell salts (I don\u2019t know) and gemmotherapy products (I don\u2019t know). She\u2019s a Beauty Counter ambassador (I wrote about MLMs and Beauty Counter here). She offers promo codes to places like this, which sells stuff to support gut health, and this, which sells \u201Cgrass-fed organ\u201D supplements. 041b061a72


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